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Antique Center of Texas
9950 Hempstead Road
600 Northwest Mall
Houston, TX 77092

3 Miles North of the Galleria
1-866-714-9139 toll free

Open seven days a week!
10AM - 6PM Monday thru Saturday
12 Noon - 6PM on Sunday


Dealers are listed in alphabetical order:

Bill & Elizabeth Saville ~~ Tradewinds Collectables
Ali Schahhosseini & Fariba Rahmati ~~ Ali Oriental Rug Repair
Ron Schwartz ~~ My Old Stuff
Jacqueline & Michael Schwenn ~~ Ty's Antiques
Nina Sexton ~~ NCF Studio
Joseph Shilo ~~ Shilo Antique Find
Donna Sims
Chris Skelton ~~ Cranberry Porch
Jean Smith ~~ Time & Again
Pam Smith
Mary St. Andrey

Bill Saville
Aisles 1- 2 East
11 years as a dealer


Native American Collectibles, Pueblo Pottery, Tribal Bead Work & Regalia, Southwest Jewelry, Zuni Fetish Carvings, Contemporary Artwork, Texana, Primitive Furniture, Crocks, Military Items / WWII, Tools, Spurs, Western Collectibles ~~ Roy Rogers, etc.

Liz Saville
Aisles 1- 2 East
11 years as a dealer


Native American Collectibles, American Indian Literature, Ethnic Basketry, Zapotec Pillows, Primitive Furniture, Inuit Sculpture, Crocks, Kitchen Items.

In a 30-year career that started with Texaco and wound up with CE Vetco Pipeline Services, Bill used his extensive traveling opportunities to start collecting Native American artifacts and memorabilia, including items from the Pueblos, Zunis. Navajos and Hopis. 


When wife Liz accompanied Bill on business trips, she started her collection of old pawn jewelry and baskets. As so happens with many collectors, the couple wound up with boxes of items they couldn’t display in their home. They met Carolyn Thompson in 1996 and she talked them into to opening up Tradewinds Collectibles, which began to offer a wide array of western collectibles and related items. 


In the vast Tradewinds Collectibles booth, you will find:

  • Native American collectibles
  • Western, Military and Railroad Americana
  • Primitives
  • Choice antique furniture
  • Coffee Grinders, Period Advertising and Vintage Pioneer pieces

Jean Smith
Aisle 3 East
& Showcase Gallery
Dealer since 2003



Living in London, England, for three and a half years in the mid-1980s, Jean developed a love for antiques and became a “picker.” Her quest continued during five years in Nigeria (West Africa) and travels to many other countries and all 50 states in the USA.


Jean’s passion for antiques began with her discovery of Quimper French pottery. She points out that while this faience pottery was first made in the Brittany region of France more than 300 years ago, it is still being produced today.


Jean has put her degree in business and marketing from the University of Houston to good use in the antiques arena. She says, “Antiquing is fun and educational. Don’t miss it!”


In Jean’s booth and showcase, you will find:

         Quimper French pottery

         Lithographs, framed art

         Miscellaneous glassware, Deco pillows, perfume bottles

         African artifacts, English dressing pots and other surprises

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Thompson's Antique Center of Texas
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