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Antique Center of Texas
9950 Hempstead Road
600 Northwest Mall
Houston, TX 77092

3 Miles North of the Galleria
1-866-714-9139 toll free

Open seven days a week!
10AM - 6PM Monday thru Saturday
12 Noon - 6PM on Sunday

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Dealers A - B Last Name:

Linda Ward Acker ~~ Past and Present
Mary Louise Abshier & Art Warman ~~ Made in The Family
Avid Angler Jewelry Designs
Bruce Baker ~~ Baker Antiques
Marilyn Barfoot
Brenda & James Brasier ~~ Buckleberry Interests
Cheryl Briscoe ~~ Gumbo & Crawfish
Mike Brinkman & Mitchell Mick
Don Browne
Mark Burley

Linda Ward Acker
Past & Present
Aisle 10-11 East
Established 1989

Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Small Furniture Items, Lamps & Small Chandeliers, Jewelry.


Avid Angler Jewelry Designs
Phil Thompson

Avid Angler Jewelry Designs


Avid Angler Jewelry Designs provides unique, realistic jewelry that has been designed and hand-crafted by fellow fishing and hunting enthusiasts.


Bruce Baker
Baker Antiques
Aisle B

Bruce, a retired mechanical engineer, goes back a long way in the rarefied field of picking antiques. He began like Phil Thompson and lot of other dealers around the Antique Center of Texas – going “picking” with his mother.


She was an antiques dealer on “the pig trail” in the northwestern United States for many years. Bruce remembers “going with her to abandoned home sites looking for old bottles and jars.” Bruce developed a collecting passion of his own that becomes obvious when you see his booth. 


At Baker Antiques, collectors will find one primary collectible:

  • Vintage Cameras of all makes, models and capabilities

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